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Emperors of the Deep- The Shark Podcast

Sharks - the great apex predator. They face the greatest threat to their survival in their 450 million year history. 100 million sharks are killed every year while sharks killed only five people last year.

This shark podcast examines the issues affecting these magnificent hunters.  We interview shark scientists and conservationists to understand sharks and the vital role they play in maintaining the ocean. This podcast expands on the issues in the book of the same name.


Emperors of the Deep Book Cover



Apr 28, 2020

Pelagic sharks like the Thresher live far out at sea and are perfectly adapted for their environment. Listen to a deep dive discussion with a top shark scientist about their remarkable world.  The Thresher shark is the only animal in the world that hunts with its tail. Yet it is being hunted at rates that challenge the...

Apr 15, 2020

Scientists have made great progress in uncovering the mysteries of the Great White. By tracking them around the world, mankind gets a glimpse into their behaviour and remarkable lives. In addition, science has now decoded their entire genome, and the knowledge reveals just how extraordinary these animals are. 

Apr 8, 2020

Great white sharks are ranked as threatened. Hear the remarkable story of one's man fight to save them. A native South African, Chris has been researching and studying these great sharks for over 25 years and has much to educate us about the ocean's great apex predator.